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Rhino Tuff Paper Punching Tools

We sell Rhino Tuff Paper punch dies.Rhino Tuff Punch tools.

Specially designed top lid gives the punches a V stager so the middle punches contact the paper first and punch outward from the middle eliminating any paper curl.

Standard Tool Features

  • All our Rhino dies are available in industry Standard Patterns and hole sizes to match other equipment, and very competitively priced.
  • A hard bronze guide material allows us to maintain a very precise fit with the punch pins, without scoring the punch surface over the life of the tool.
  • Precision ground and hardened tool steel punches act like a bearing in the bronze guide and allows us to maintain a tighter fit for excellent hole quality and durability.
  • All our dies have a Hardened and ground tool steel bases, giving you a hard cutting edge.
  • Integral oil wick provides efficient oiling and uniform lubrication around the punch pins.
  • Two strong magnets secure the quick release top for quick and easy punch removal.Rhino Tuff Punch tools

Rhino Tuff Punch tools.

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